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Brief curriculum Marnix de Vriend

General information, education and present position Marnix Cyriel de Vriend is Dutch/ Flemish, born in Utrecht in 1960, currently living in Nijmegen, single, father of three grown-up sons. His secondary education was Gymnasium-B in Goes & Boxmeer (1978). He took MSc degrees in Biology/ Ecology and Environmental law in the universities of Nijmegen, the Netherlands and Alexandria, Egypt (1985). He studied parttime Middle Management at Twenthe Technical University in Enschede (1994). Appointed in 2012 as reviewer water management education by Netherlands Quality Assurance (NQA) Utrecht at all Dutch Universities in Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, Rotterdam, Groningen, Velp and Deventer. At present he is Director of Aqua-δ Consult BV in Groesbeek (NL) / London (UK), a consultancy on water management and climate adaptation. Until February 2012 he was a senior consultant water management and climate change Coast & Rivers at Royal Haskoning in Nijmegen. Also director of Aquae, organizing events/ excursions for global professional water managers visiting the Netherlands or UK (2008-). President of Bifae Education, NGO for community development and education in Northwest Cameroon (2006-). In February 2014 Marnix has been granted the honorary title of Shey by the king of Guarkan in the Kingdom of Nso in Northwest Cameroon.

Key qualifications

Extended network with politicians, civil servants, scientists and stakeholders in the fields of nature- and water management, delta’s, fisheries, ecology, climate change and integrated coastal zone management in especially The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom. A lot of other international contacts, especially in EU Northsea and Northwest Europe Interreg programs. Specialist in (project)management, ICZM, water management, building with nature, delta knowledge, climate adaptation, communication, Waddensea-, SW Delta- and Northsea affairs, EU-funding and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Communicator and diplomat with proven empowering abilities as a (project)manager in (inter)national cooperation. Shey at the court of the Nso Kingdom in the Northwest region of Cameroon.


Marnix is fluent in the Dutch (native), English and German language. Besides he speaks and writes good French, reasonable Spanish and basic Arab.

Jobs and projects general

Marnix has(in 2014) 29 years of relevant experience as respectively Delta coordinator for NGO’s in the southwest-delta (1985 -1986), public officer/ coordinator Waddensea national and trilateral policies and Head of the Department of Coastal fisheries at the Directorate of Fisheries as well as president of ministerial Advisory committee for Mussel culture (ADMOS) for Ministry of Agriculture, Nature management and Fisheries in The Hague (1986 - 1991).

For the passed 23 years(2014) he has been working as a senior consultant. First 7 years at Arcadis, then 14 years for Royal Haskoning and since 2012 independently in primarily projects on (adaptation to) climate change, communication, environmental impact assessment, nature management and –development, ICZM, coastal protection and (room for) rivers.

Recently he has been projectmanager for several large “Room for the River” projects (Munnikenland, Waal/ Rhine; Deventer Ijssel and Millingerwaard, Waal/Rhine) as well as (formerly) EIA’s for the first - (Bakenhof, Arnhem) and the largest dyke relocation project (Nijmegen/Lent) in the Netherlands, nature development in floodplains (e.g. Groene Rivier Pannerden), innovative approach in the “Overschelde project” (for Flanders), strategic analysis of early conceptual objectives to prevent flooding in the Arnhem/ Nijmegen (KAN) region and also (for Environment Agency, UK) in the Thames Estuary 2100 project(London) and, for the province of Zeeland (2004-2008) projectmanager for the Weak Link ICZM project West Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen. He has been presiding four public debates in the Southwest Delta on depoldering, hosted to Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Managers (CIWEM, UK) on their three days study-tour on Dutch water management, organized a conference on Economy & Ecology in the Waddensea region ("Waddenwieg: van krimp naar groei") in Groningen, Leeuwarden and Schiermonnikoog (2009) and organized/ presided the final EU Interreg IIIc ESPACE conference in The Hague.

1998-2003: among others riskmapping (Rhine Atlas 2002, IKSR, Koblenz), staff member (1999- 2004) EU Interreg IIC IRMA (Rhine/ Meuse) Program secretariat The Hague, “founding father” of Interreg IIC project SPONGE (Scientifical Program On GEnerating sustainable floodcontrol) with 13 projects and 31 universities/institutions from 6 countries along rivers Rhine and Meuse. Projectmanager for “Water Werkt!” project on cutting downpipes, restoring brooks, taking out the clean water from the sewerage system and use it for integrated nature and urban development combined with restoration of brooks.

Presentations at conferences

Among others (keynote) speaker in conferences: York (DEFRA, 2006, on “Opportunity mapping”), Excell London (Thames Gateway annual conference, 2007 on “Is it wise to live in floodplains?”), Amsterdam (Aquaterra, 2008 on “sustainable watermanagement”), Winnipeg Canada (Annual congress Canadian Dam Association, 2008 on “Environmental aspects of barriers in NL and in UK”), Lincoln UK (“Design to live with future flooding”, 2009), Berlin (Morro Climate Adaptation Conference, 2009 on “Climate adaptation in relation to flood risks in NW Europe”, 2009), Earl’s Court London (Ecobuild conference, 2010, on “Flood proof design”) and Olympia London (Annual congres CIWEM, 2010) on “Adapting to Climate Change in NL and UK”, Honfleur France, Coastal safety conference on “Risques littoraux & gestion integrée du littoral et de la mer”, Rotterdam (“Delta’s in times of Climate Change”, Thames group, 2010), The Hague and Rotterdam Masterclasses DG Water and Deltaprogram Rotterdam/ Drechtsteden “comparing policies in flood protection and climate adaptation in UK/ NL” (2010), Hull (ARC conference) “Looking east for fluid solutions”, Barbican, London, Aqua Enviro Conference, “To remind communities that water can be fun and make them work together” (2011) and others (below for last three years).

Recent projects (last 3 years)

• Initiator of Fidai PROFLO (First Dutch Anglo Initiative to Promote Flood resilience) and organizer of a 3 Day UK/NL Event in Wells, London and Lewes (7-9th October, 2014);
• Initiator and project manager of Scaldis Emerge, a community development project in the Dutch/ Belgian border region of Flanders between Bruges and Antwerp, connecting natural and man made canals to the Western Scheldt and the North Sea (municipality of Assende, Belgium);
• (Offer for) integrated socio-economic and touristic development of region along the Atlantic coast around kribi for the Kribi deep port development management together with the university de l’Est Paris (to be decided on in May 2014);
• Organizer and key note speaker international conference (NL, UK, Germany and Cameroon) in Nijmegen NL (30th January 2014) on the strategy on European Rivers facing climate change for the program bureau Knowledge for Climate, Utrecht;
• Project manager: options regional adaptation strategies (ORAS) of the hotspot Rivers for Knowledge for Climate Utrecht in close cooperation with Delta Program, Utrecht;
• One of the three initiators/ members of Aansluitdijk BV Nijmegen. An initiative to compart Lake Ijssel in two lakes by building a new closure between Stavoren and Enkhuizen and two pump accumulation centrals (combining buffering of both energy and water);
• Organizer 3 workshops on climate adaptation and rivers in London (UK), Köln (Germany) and Bamenda (Cameroon) for Program Bureau Knowledge for Climate, Utrecht.

• Facilitator and guide for a two weeks visit of Turkish Erdemli delegation visiting the Netherlands and Germany (Köln) on sanitation, drinking water, flood prevention and other water management issues in EU Knowledge exchange program;
• Member visitation delegation (quality assurance) higher education Water Management Rotterdam (for Netherlands Quality Agency, Utrecht);
• Midterm review contents strategic Delta Decisions (including Lake Ijssel, Rivers, SW Delta and Waddensea area) of the Delta Program for Knowledge for Climate;
• Initiator Scaldis Emerge: an initiative aimed at exploiting core values (cultural heritage, landscape and hospitality) of local rural communities in Dutch and Belgian Flanders by new direct connections for small recreational vessels with the Western Scheldt (each village it’s own recreational port) for Euregio cooperation, provinces (regional authorities) and seven municipalities.

• Keynote speaker University of Eberswalde, Berlin, Germany on Climate adaptation and it’s impacts on rivers and coastal areas in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom (IALE-D Jahrestagung, October 2012);
• Keynote speaker NCR days (Netherlands Center of Riverstudies). “Living with floods or sleeping behind dikes: experiences in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands” (with Richard Coutts, Baca London, Rijnhotel Arnhem, 5 October);
• MSc Validation Land and Water management, Delta Academy, Middelburg;
• Advisor Helsinki city council for the landscape and environmental aspects in construction 2 kilometer bridge Kruunusilat (competition together with Zwarts & Jansma Architects Amsterdam, city Shanghai and under leadpartnership of Knippers und Helbing, Stutgart Germany);
• Visitation higher education Aquatic eco technology Hogeschool Zeeland at Vlissingen (for Netherlands Quality Agency, Utrecht).
• Guiding and organizing excursions for delegations of foreign water managers in The Netherlands (from 2008 onwards) for politicians, civil servants, scientists and/or stakeholders from among others UK, India, Botswana, Morocco, Germany, Ghana, Azerbeijdjan, Vietnam, Turkey and Bulgaria;
• Building and farming with Nature in Bangladesh. Project identification and site visit to Kutubdia for Aquae, IMARES Yerseke and LEI Wageningen for Netherlands Water Partnership;
• ICZM aspects/agribusiness/(eco)tourism/fisheries in Spatial Master Plan development of deep sea harbor in Kribi, Cameroon, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Yaoundé.